Pima cotton is a fiber that grows in Peru since the Inca times and therefore is one of the world's finest cotton because of its durability. It gives a feeling of softness and comfort while the fiber adjusts to the temperature of the surroundings. This material does not lose its quality after washing, making it strong and durable.

-our commitment in fashion goes beyond garments, we offer experience and lifestyles-

We believe that the only way to cope with a positive impact in the fashion industry is to stand for solutions in consumer behavior that promotes slow fashion and can reduce the negative impact of fast fashion as much as possible. Thus, we constantly reinforce environmental care within our company, where we overcome challenges such as waste management, by recycling all sorts of resources and materials used along the process (energy, waste, water). We also work with Peruvian organic cotton that we validate with certifications, so we can assure that no pesticides were utilized and that all raw material comes from other Peruvian companies that share the same values.

Caring for our employees/collaborators is something that we strongly emphasize at our company. Since we believe that achieving high-quality in our products means first and foremost building up a high-quality relationship among our employees. At first stance, we pursue this by making sure that we match all legal regulations regarding fair and decent wages, health and safety regulations, no child labor, no forced labor, and in peak times we ensure that we are paying all extra hours to our workers. On the second hand, we also commit to stimulate growth inside the company by sharing with our employee's activities such as social-environmental days, free English language lessons, or simply share a party altogether.

"The brand's design goal is to create long-lasting pieces which can be versatile and easy to combine"

Down to the true cost of every garment, garments come with an aesthetic and functional quality; pieces that do not belong merely to seasonal trends, but rather, they belong to a functional wardrobe which consists of versatile pieces meant to endure.

We are also realistic about the fact that creating sustainable products with a less negative impact on the planet is a long route that needs time and a critical mindset to be fully achieved. Hence, we are committed to reflect and grow along with our design and making process to improve each collection not just on the aesthetic, but especially in making mindful choices. That is why we are happy to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our green path, we would love to open conversation on this topic.